Caroline – Sherman Oaks

Jordan’s help quite literally changed my life. I had a large storage unit filled with items I didn’t really want or need but felt overwhelmed every time I opened its door: How to even begin? The monthly fees were adding up and it was a big stressor in my life. Enter Jordan with her calm nature and lavender oil. We set a six-week goal and, little by little, got that space emptied. I kept only what I wanted and Jordan got rid of the rest. She’s amazing. Many people want to clear clutter but are overwhelmed — or feel they need to “get organized” before calling someone like Jordan. No! Jordan is the first, only phone call. She has helped with other projects since and is always prompt, full of ideas, and efficient. I highly recommend working with Jordan.

About More Hours in the Day Organizing Services

I’m an organizer, assistant, event planner, arranger, all around get-done-what-takes-up-too-much-of-your-time professional. For the past 25 years I’ve been working with busy people, from the entertainment industry to small business owners, helping them keep their work and personal lives on track.
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