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Ellen H. New York

Jordan was a tremendous help during the pandemic when I could not travel to Los Angeles to be there in person to handle a sensitive family matter. Jordan was capable, efficient, flexible and patient – a joy to work with … Continue reading

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Albert E., Los Angeles

Jordan has worked with me and kept me organized for over 20 years.  She manages my home office, handling my accounting, bill paying and banking.  I’m a Developer and Investor, and I couldn’t do without her help.  She has also … Continue reading

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Caroline – Sherman Oaks

Jordan’s help quite literally changed my life. I had a large storage unit filled with items I didn’t really want or need but felt overwhelmed every time I opened its door: How to even begin? The monthly fees were adding … Continue reading

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Ashley R. Santa Monica

Jordan is a life saver! I was in over my head with how to begin organizing my closet and space but because of her i was able to have my place organized in a matter of days with little effort … Continue reading

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Gayle – MStevens Dancewear, Los Angeles

I’m the owner of a design & manufacturing business of dance wear & costumes for stage and screen.  Jordan has organized and maintained my office from every day production down to my personal affairs.  She has a calm nature, I am very relaxed … Continue reading

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Katia & Peter Davis, Malibu

Jordan has helped us in our film production company for many years. She is very loyal, organized, and fun to work with. She has a can do attitude and is honest, without question. She even jumped in and organized and … Continue reading

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Lisa A, Santa Monica

I have known Jordan for many years, she has helped me organize my closets and de-clutter my apartment.  When I redecorated, she was instrumental in picking paint colors, furniture pieces and accessories.  She has great ideas, thinks outside the box … Continue reading

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